subscriber sub‧scrib‧er [səbˈskraɪbə ǁ -ər] noun [countable]
1. someone who pays money regularly in order to have a newspaper or magazine sent to them, or to receive telephone, television or Internet service:

• Country Music Television currently has 15 million subscribers.

subscriber to

• We are longtime subscribers to your paper.

2. FINANCE someone who asks or agrees to buy shares in a company that is offering shares to the public:
subscriber for

• Financial forecasts should be disclosed to intending subscribers for shares in the company.

3. FINANCE someone who agrees to become one of the first members of a limited company by signing the company's memorandum of association:
subscriber to

• Subscribers to the memorandum must take at least one share each.

4. a person, organization, or country that signs a document:
subscriber to

• Britain is not a subscriber to the convention.

* * *

subscriber UK US /səbˈskraɪbər/ US  /-bɚ/ noun [C]
COMMERCE someone who pays to receive a newspaper or magazine regularly or to use a phone line or internet service: »

broadband/cable/internet subscribers

subscriber to sth »

They have 27,950 subscribers to their daily email newsletter.


The mobile phone company has a global subscriber base of 59m users.

STOCK MARKET someone who formally asks to buy shares when they are issued : »

A sharp fall in fourth-quarter subscriber numbers overshadowed a rise in full-year pre-tax profits.

LAW someone who signs a memorandum of association (= document needed to officially form a new company) of a new company and promises to buy a particular number of shares: »

The minimum figure for share capital can be of any amount, provided the subscribers to the memorandum take at least one share each.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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